Natural Hair Style- Beach Wave Twist Out

This is my first attempt at the “Effortless Beach Waves” look posted by Naptural85

So the first step was to detangle which I did by parting my hair into 4 parts. Then I finger detangled section by section and went back with a wide-tooth comb to make sure my hair was fully detangled. After that I twisted my hair using the technique used by Naptural85 and tied each section into 4 giant bantu knots (first try at that too).

This was all done before bed so when I was done I wrapped my hair and slept the night away. The next morning I unwrapped my hair and this is what came out! This is the finished look!



I was in a rush so my hair wasn’t completely dry yet when I took it out, which it’s supposed to be. You can see on the ends of my hair where the style didn’t really take because it’s still wet, and because that part of my hair is still chemically treated. Overall though I really love how this look came out.



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