Natural Hair Style- Wave Poof & Knit Cap

This is one of my favorite styles to do to so far with my hair. It is quick, easy and super cute.

First I parted the front of my hair for what I call the “Wave Poof”. The bigger the section the bigger the poof, which is better in my opinion but it’s up to you. After separating the front I pinned it up and braided the back section. Because my hair is so thick I separated my hair into three braids then pinned them all together in a bun. You don’t have to use a lot of pins because this part of your hair will be covered by the cap (It doesn’t really matter what the back looks like).

Once I put the back of my hair up I put the knit cap over it. To make the “wave poof” I simply twisted the front section from the ends up (not completely, just a little less than halfway up the section)  and pinned it to one side. I killed two birds with one stone and used the pin to secure the knit cap too and badabing! Scarves work with this look too! Quick, cute, easy.




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