Rihanna- Stay

So, I am indeed a RiRi fan. Some of her music I enjoy and support and some I don’t, which isn’t out of the norm for a fan of any artist musical or otherwise. This is her video for “Stay”, a single off of her most recent album Unapologetic.

I am completely digging the song and the video. Are both very simplistic? Maybe even slightly boring? Yes. But that’s kind of what I like about them. The raw quality. Rihanna is physically naked, which isn’t anything new, but she’s also emotionally naked, or at least seems to be. She’s not a rockstar, or a diva, or a rebel,or even a celebrity spiraling in and out of control, which are just a few of her personas via the media.

In this song and video she’s just a regular girl, obviously hurting, just trying to be ok. I think every girl and even guy can relate (if they are man enough to admit it). It’s just honest, and I really like that. Kudos to Rihanna on this one, kudos.



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