Why the New “Harlem Shake” Fad Is Not Ok

While there are tons of other important issues that should be discussed and eliminated (colonialism, genocide, ecocide, the list goes on), after seeing the video below I’m going to chime in on this one real quick.

I got excited when I thought the Harlem Shake was re-emerging, but that feeling was replaced by disappointment and extreme irritation. This new fad of groups of people dressing in crazy randomly hideous outfits convulsing and calling it the Harlem Shake is very aggravating to me and dare I say it, even a little infuriating. Yes, they are just a bunch of videos which isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but because they are being called the Harlem Shake they have become more than that. Mockery is the best word that I have heard used to describe this new ridiculous phenomenon.

People make up new dances all the time, some better than others, but if it’s a new dance it has a new name. Whoever started this fad chose to name it the Harlem Shake making it a parody of the real dance, which takes creativity, skill, and control. The majority of Western/ European art, science, astronomy, medicine, etc. did not truly originate in the West/ Europe. The stealing, (or more P.C. term “appropriation”) and caricaturization of various cultures, particularly Black cultures, by Western/ European societies in any capacity, never ceases to amaze or upset me.

I’m so glad that someone made this video. That’s my two cents.



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