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Slow Paced (Living) in the United States

I’d like to think critically about the way American society (and Western society in general) treats menstruating women. Every month, approximately 62 million women have a menstrual period. And these sixty-two million women, ages 15-44, lead very busy lives:  they attend high school or college, play sports, work full-time, work part-time, and/or raise families. Once a month, sixty-two million women have a completely NORMAL human experience when they bleed for 2-7 days. However, menstruation is considered an inconvenience to the women and the rest of society.

I read an interesting article in Psychology Today, that everyone, especially women, should read. It offers a new perspective on periods, and made me feel a little better as I went through this month’s cycle. Then, I started thinking, it is time that our society reevaluates how it treats menstruating women like myself. Every month, our emotions may run amok and our bodies may become extremely uncomfortable, but we are…

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