Head Wrap Style


The people (you guys lol) have spoken and been heard!! I’ve been getting requests and questions about when I’ll do some more natural hair posts. I’m really happy you enjoy them so I’m going to make sure to also post regularly about my hair journey from now on. Hairstories reloaded. Here we go.


As many of you know I am on a journey to rediscover my natural hair and how to take care of it. I’ve been taking this fairly seriously for almost a year and it’s been a bumpy ride. While I have absolutely no regrets going natural, it is hard dealing with my thick, wavy, multi-textured hair at times so. Lately I have been working a lot and been crazy busy with volunteering and planning so I started researching quick and easy styles to do during the week. My discovery?  I LOVE head wraps! They can be tied a number of different ways, protect your hair from the elements, and they can help you out if you’re having a bad hair day. Plus they just look dope and allow you to show your Afrocentric pride!

Now, I know that in the past year or so head wraps have become very trendy in the fashion world. Because of this fact  I think it is important to know the history and origins of them, and anything else for that matter and if/how it has been appropriated. I will be posting about the history and significance of head wraps soon so be on the look out!

That said, here is my first time ever rockin a head wrap! I was just experimenting and this is what I got. What do ya think?!



How To:

1. Section off hair in the front (the bigger the better I think)

2. Tie the rest of your hair up into a top bun (it doesn’t have to be perfect and shouldn’t be too tight)

3. Put the middle of the scarf on the back of your head and pull the two ends to the front

4. Make a knot

5. Tie the ends around your bun, making sure to cover it completely.

6. Tuck in any loose ends and place a couple bobby pins (for extra security)

7. Go out and be fabulous!

Estimated Time= 3/4 Minutes


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