Being A Busy Afro-Bee!


I know that I haven’t posted anything significant since last week and unfortunately I won’t have time to post anything deep until the end of the weekend. Spring break is over, which means back to work, I’m transforming my backyard into a garden, I need to finish my paintings for an art show next month, and I started classes again (earning my MBA in Sustainable Business & Natural Resource Management). Oh gosh! So, just bear with me please! But I have a lot of drafts in my dashboard and I’m REALLY excited to share my posts with you guys once they’re finished. These are just a few of the topics I’ll be touching on in the next few weeks:

  • Black Communities and the Battle for Our Health
  • White Supremacy in the Afrikan Diaspora
  • A History of Head wraps
  • The (Re)Scramble for Afrika
  • Supporting Black Business

Keep an eye out! Hope you’re as geeked as I am!



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