Growing Up & Making Moves


So I am finally getting around to explaining why I have been so busy and what has been keeping me from blogging regularly. I like lists, so I’m going to make this a list.

1. Work – I am an independent educational consultant and tutor for an amazing small business here in Tampa called Playful By Design. We work to reach the academic goals of our students through promoting parent involvement,  teacher collaboration, mentorship, and a fun learning environment. I drive to the desired location of my clients so I’m running around town all day everyday.

2. School – I am currently earning my M.B.A. in Sustainable Business and Natural Resource Management or “The Green MBA” from Marylhurst University. M.U. is located in Oregon but I am enrolled in their Accelerated Online Program (AOP). It is a very rigorous program requiring a very high level of involvement in the online classroom but I really enjoy it.

3. Home Garden – I’m turning my backyard into a little garden. I am working on raking, clearing out the weeds, enriching the soul, and planning on where to plant what.

4. Inspire Your Environment This is my most recent and exciting news! I have joined an educational, visual and community-based group and project called Inspire Your Environment (IYE) and am spearheading its development here in Tampa.  IYE is a resource of environmental and civically engaged empowerment to Black communities  where people from all backgrounds are welcome contribute. Our fearless founder Adjoa is working to give IYE a new and refined look so make sure to check back on the website a little later to see the changes! I am so excited about my involvement with IYE. Now I feel like I am really integrating my knowledge and passion for sustainability, environmentalism, health and self-reliance as well as the uplift of Black communities. Check out my first article for IYE, “Growing Saves” and keep an eye out for future articles by me!

So that’s what I’ve been up to in a nutshell guys. But I have more stuff to announce so stay tuned!


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