Once upon a time, I moved out of the U.S.

“Now boarding all zones for Asiana flight 221 from JFK to Seoul Incheon International Airport. Now boarding all zones.”

After speed walking for what seemed like miles across JFK airport, I had finally arrived at my gate, sweaty and out of breath. This was the last stop before landing in the Republic of Korea to teach English.


I was leaving U.S. soil again, but this time felt different.  I wasn’t just going to visit a close friend in Panama for a week or attend a 12 day international conference in Cuba. I was moving across the world for an entire year. For some reason though, I didn’t feel excited or nervous or even sad. I just knew I was about to begin another chapter in my life.

As I stepped through the cramped doorway of the Boeing 777 aircraft, I felt like I was crossing a gateway into my newest adventure. I calmly walked to my seat, put my bag in the overhead bin, and buckled up. I zoned out for some time before noticing one of the stewardesses smiling at me as she walked by. I politely did the same. I turned my head to stare out the window just as the plane’s engines fired up. We rolled to the runway and quickly gained momentum until I saw nothing but clouds. Completely relaxed I quietly took a deep breath and thought to myself with a smile, “here we go.” 


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