Once upon a time, I was waiting for the bus

Today, I ventured from my residential neighborhood of Maecheon-Dong to the bustling downtown of Daegu. As I’m sitting down waiting for my bus, a Korean woman in a red coat walks up from behind the bus stop. She starts walking towards the bench until she lifts her head and sees me. She subtly changes course and stands next to the phone booth by the stop instead. I laugh to myself and continue to stare at the cracks in the sidewalk.

At this point there is another Korean guy standing near the bench where I am sitting. I randomly look up to catch red coat with her phone out staring at me. As soon as our eyes meet she quickly looks back at her phone and pretends to be typing something. I laugh, look down and then back up to catch her shot her eyes back at her phone again. I play this game with her about 3 times to shorten the wait.

Staring at my shoes again, I notice the guy next to me make a weird sound and take a few steps to the left. I raise my head slightly and glance up to catch red coat taking a picture of me! When she was done the guy moves back to his original position and makes another weird sound.

She literally followed the old saying, “take a picture it’ll last longer.” I know that red coat thought she was being very sneaky and got away with her snapshot in secret but she didn’t. Not at all. You ain’t slick red coat! I saw you! *sigh* I wish I spoke Korean. 



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