(EPIK) English Program In Korea

Okay, I finally got around to finishing my post about EPIK!! Be excited…

Since sharing with friends, family, and even some strangers that I was moving to South Korea to teach English, the most common question I have gotten is how? The answer is the English Program in Korea, better known as EPIK.

EPIK is a government program that was established in 1995 and is run through the Korean Ministry of Education. Its goal is to improve the conversational English skills of Korean teachers and students as well as to exchange cultural traditions and improve teaching methods. 

I chose to apply through EPIK because it is the biggest English teaching program in South Korea. It is very well known and established and I am finding that it was the right choice for me. Though their 9/10 day orientation was a bit intense, was extremely helpful and fun. We were given lesson planning classes, Korean lessons, seminars from experienced EPIK teachers, a tae kwon do class, 3 meals a day, snacks, and nice accommodations at Jeonju University. We even went on a field trip to Jeonju Hanok Village, which is a traditional Korean town. After orientation, I felt well prepared to meet my new co-workers and take on my new responsibilities as a Native English Teacher (NET). 


Fast forward to almost 2 months later, I still feel the same way. I am teaching, I haven’t had any problems with my placement so far, I get paid on time, and am treated fairly. While I realize that EPIK doesn’t necessarily control all of these factors (a lot of it depends on your individual school and head co-teacher), I think that schools want to uphold EPIK’s reputation for being a great program.

The application process is grueling but if you are accepted into the program you will be well taken care of, at least that is my experience.  You can check out EPIK’s website here for more information on the organization itself, placements, and the overall application process. If you are interested in applying feel free so send me any questions! 




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