Hey fellow english teacher expat lol! Came across your blog & noticed you’ve been to India. I’m going this summer for 3 weeks if all goes as planned. Any suggestions, favorite cities etc? Thanks, and great blog! p.s: I agree about your budget post. Also I’d add to it that people don’t look into grants that often because it seems kind of crazy people would give you money for travel but that is what has funded half my travel besides scraping up savings or getting a lucky employment break (JET)!

Hi! There is so much to see in India. I was there for a month and it definitely wasn’t enough time. Aside from the painfully obvious Taj Mahal, I really liked the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the changing of the guard at the India Pakistan border, and Amer Fort in Rajasthan just outside Jaipur. My favorite of everything so far in India was in the province of Himachal Pradesh up in the Himalayas. McCloud Ganj, is beautiful and you can visit the Dalai Llama’s monastery.  Manali is a really nice little city and about 20 minutes away is a little town called Bashist which has amazing natural hot spring baths and great hiking. There’s too much to recommend but I think this will help you to start! The most expensive thing is traveling. We took taxis because they’re faster and safer.

I always looked into travel grants but could never find any.Would you mind sending me the info on the ones you’ve used? Also, congratulations on your acceptance to JET!!



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