Just An Observation

I have noticed more and more than the elders here in my city seem to be more accepting of my features and style than the younger people. I have been called ugly more than once by teenagers and young adults here but in all of my interactions with older Koreans they have said nothing negative about my appearance, attitude, demeanor, etc (at least as far as I know because I’m not fluent in Korean yet). In fact, it is the opposite. They go out of their way to tell me how beautiful I am, how they love my confidence and ability to be true to myself regardless of where I am. They tell me, “예쁜” and “머리가 예쁘다”, which means “beautiful hair” and ” your hair is beautiful.” Some of them try to touch it though, so of course I have to handle that situation, but it’s mostly all good.

I just find it really interesting. I think it is because in the last half a century or so South Korea has not only changed dramatically in terms of their economy but also in culture. I’m gonna look into it. 


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